Our Humble Prayer


Dear Father in Heaven, We humbly dedicate this church unto Thee and ask in the Sacred name of Jesus Christ that Thee will accept this church and will bless and sanctify this church for the healing of the sick. We ask that Thy Holy Spirit be with us, that we will be true to Thee and never falter in serving Thee. We pray that we will always walk in Thy light and glorify Thee. We ask that Thee will watch over us and protect us from Satan and his Devils on earth who want to stop Natural Healing and this church from serving Thy children. Father we pray Thee will touch the hearts of those who come to this site and read these words, that they will pray to Thee in the name of Jesus Christ and ask if this church is of Thee. We ask that the Holy Spirit witness unto them it is true and they will become a member and join with us in supporting this church and serving Thy children. Father in Heaven we pray Thy will be done in the Beloved name of Jesus Christ. Amen


Natural Healing Disciples


Jesus Christ

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